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June 2014

Environmental Electro-pop Band Fevers Don’t Wag Their Fingers
Samaritan Mag – 06/17/2014
Ottawa-based electro-pop quintet Fevers, particularly its frontman Colin MacDougall, doesn’t believe the world is too big to tackle and change. The environment is his top priority. The band supports The Otesha Project, a national youth-led charitable organization that teaches Canadians about sustainability and environmentally sound lifestyle choices through experiential learning, theatre and cycling tours.

FEVERS release new EP
The Permanent Rain Press – 06/07/2014
The band is offering a free download of their new EP here, so give their Facebook page a like!

La fièvre Fevers au NXNE à Toronto
Grands lacs café – 06/07/2014
(9 h 38) Martin Charbonneau et Colin MacDougall font découvrir FEVERS en vue de leurs vitrines à NXNE.

SOUND SEEKERS: Free Music! Fevers “Dance Cry Dance” gets remix love
Ottawa Magazine (Sound Seekers) – 06/05/2014
Out of all the album’s songs, “Dance Cry Dance” is an obvious candidate for remixing, both from a technical aspect — there are plenty of spots to drop in beats or change up the the pace — and also from a sense of song. The tune’s mix of pathos and party gives producers plenty of options for amplification and embellishment of either mood.

Fevers ‘Dance Cry Dance Remixes’
Exclaim! – 06/04/2014
Electronically-minded Ottawa pop band Fevers recently gave their slinky electronic track “Dance Cry Dance” (from No Room for Light) its own music video, promising at the time that this would be followed by an EP of remixes. Sure enough, the Dance Cry Dance Remixes EP is now here.

Fevers Share MP3s, Announce NxNE Showcase
hanging @ the back – 06/04/2014
Ottawa indie electro band Fevers have shared a free remix EP Dance Cry Dance featuring five remixes of the track from their current release No Room for Light.

April 2014

New Music From The Inbox: Skating Polly, FEVERS, Hamilton Leithauser, Denitia and Sene, daysdeaf
A Journal of Musical Things – 04/14/2014
Ottawa natives FEVERS, have just released a video for their infectious electro-dance-pop single “Dance Cry Dance,” and it’s all fuzzy guitars, sharp, piercing synths and momentum for miles.

Friday’s Freshest Films: New music videos from Wild Beasts, Saints of Valory, FEVERS, Capital Cities, & more
fuzzyheadphones – 04/11/2014
Along with the rest of the songs from their 2013 debut LP, No Room For Light, including the singles, “Pray For Sound” and “They Want Blood,” Fevers have nothing to cry about, and everything to celebrate.

FEVERS and Language Arts at the Horseshoe: Pop bands show off electro beats and hip-hop influences
NOW – 04/10/2014
It worked: the Horseshoe audience were up and dancing for much of the set. Songs from their 2013 album, No Room For Light, were well-received, particularly ones like Pray For Sound and Goodnight which showcase lead singer Sarah Bradley’s powerful wail.

FEVERS “Dance Cry Dance” (video)
Exclaim! – 04/09/2014
Shot at Laser Quest in their hometown, the video reinforces the nightclub-ready mood by slowing the band performing while illuminated by fluorescent tubes and red and blue flashes. It was directed by FEVERS themselves.

March 2014

Pony Girl & FEVERS @ Black Sheep Inn, Mar. 21
Ottawa Showbox – 03/26/2014
With the recent release of their new full-length No Room For Light still fresh in our minds, FEVERS sure had a lot in store for us on Friday night.

Top 5 Gigs of the Weekend
CBC Radio 3 – 03/21/2013
“My new favourite Ottawa band plays a Spring Equinox party at the Blacksheep Inn.” -Grant Lawrence.

Fevers present their revamped live show at The Black Sheep this Friday
Apt 613 – 03/19/2014
FEVERS has reason to shed their reserved persona. The band has been together since early 2011, and since releasing their EP Passion is Dead they have played in festivals across Ontario and shared the stage with some incredible performers.

January 2014

Unable To Begin Anew Without This Missing Piece: FEVERS’ No Room For Light
killing the cabinet – 01/09/2014
All of these tracks conclude with either sweat dripping from your brow or tears streaming from your eyes.



Radio 3’s top 103 songs of 2013
CBC Radio 3 – 12/20/2013
FEVERS’ ENFP makes the top 50 (#41).

From the Basement to the Stage
Canadian Musician – 11/29/2013 (p. 31)
There are probably a lot of purists that frown the use of backing track, but I think when used sparingly it adds a lot to a live sound without being the actual driving force. I believe it’s up to the band to create the main energy […].  

FEVERS – [Dance Cry Dance] + [Autumn’s Dead]
The Sifting Pan – 11/19/2013
Ottawa based band FEVERS have released, in what is just my opinion, one of this year’s most solid debut albums. No Room For Light is a beautifully diverse mix of indie rock and electropop that fuses the best of both worlds.  

FEVERS – No Room For Light
Stylus Magazine – 10/22/2013
Listen to “Dance Cry Dance,” a catchy song that is perfect for drinking with friends.

FEVERS: No Room for Light
The Permanent Rain Press – 10/21/2013
The band’s simplicity combined with electro synths brings a new twist to the Canadian music scene, and each song is well-crafted and diverse from each other.

ALTMNL – 10/03/2013
Their debut album, No Room For Light, is a treat for those who are looking for deck indietronica sounds—rock-influenced guitars and drum beats with full-bodied synths infused with powerful vocals and sincere lyrics.

BeatRoute – 10/02/2013
The band demonstrates complete control and competency, evidenced by opening track “Autumn’s Dead,” which shows off Sarah Bradley’s crisp and powerful vocals.  

FEVERS Interview
Discovery Sessions – 09/30/2013
“We’ve never set out a mission, but if I were to take a crack at it, I think it would be something like “don’t take one fucking minute of this for granted”. (Are you allowed to swear in a mission statement??!?)”  

FEVERS, No Room For Light
Discovery Sessions – 09/30/2013
One of the best songs on the collection, “Dance Cry Dance”, features this dirty, dubstep-like synth throughout most of the track with some innovative guitar work. The intense vocals add a great personality to the band and to the song, making it a surefire hit.  

Ruby TFO – 09/30/2013
VIDEO: Grande année pour le groupe ottavien FEVERS. L’été dernier, ils ont fait un deuxième passage remarqué sur les planches du Bluesfest. Ils présentent — enfin — un premier album complet, No room for light. Entrevue avec les cinq membres de Fevers.  

FEVERS – No Room For Light – Review
Vada – 09/20/2013
But it’s ‘Dance Cry Dance’ which showcases exactly how good this band is. The stand-out track is slightly reminiscent of The Gossip, with a loud, big chorus and vocals that could be compares with Beth Ditto’s powerhouse efforts.  

Chart Discovery: Cherub (WESU) and FEVERS (CHUO)
CMJ – 09/20/2013
Kicking off with a hugely sweeping cinematic opening, FEVERS allows for their own talents to shine alongside disco and alt-rock sampling, which creates something unique.  

Thursday Track Turntable: New Music From MGMT, Beck, St. Lucia, and more
fuzzyheadphones – 09/19/2013
Caught in the envious of position of falling into both the dance genre and rock genre simultaneously, Canadian five piece, FEVERS, craft stadium sized music with the ability to tug at the most intimate of emotions.  

Review – FEVERS
Canadian Beats – 09/17/2013
If you’re looking for an album with a unique sound, look no further.  

“No Room For Light” Fevers
Pretty Neat Grooves – 09/15/2013
Ottawa Dance-rockers Fevers make an absolutely essential album for anyone that wants to hear a band that’s going to make it big.

[Album Review] FEVERS – No Room For Light
Ride The Tempo – 09/10/2013
The best parts are when everything (vocals, synths) are in perfect balance like the comforting “Goodnight” and the piano and xylophone accompanied closer “The Veil”.  

Reviewed: Fevers’ ‘No Room for Light’
Velvet Rope – 09/05/2013
The Ottawa-based group’s record was released on August 27th and contains an impressive mixture of genre sampling, heavy synthesizers, while not overpowering the individual assets provided by each member.

No Room For Light by FEVERS
Confront Magazine – 09/05/2013
The first single from the album, “Dance Cry Dance,” is a great taste of what the album has to offer. A mix of sultry vocals, disco-inspired music, and a heavy electro influence creates a song made for the dance floor.  

Fevers rise on No Room For Light – 08/30/2013
Where their debut EP was happy to get people moving, its followup is darker-hued and much more personal.  

Fevers: Accidentally electronic band embarks on Ontario tour
NOW Magazine – 08/29/2013
Thrilled to embrace a new-wave digital sound, the band keeps a foot in traditional songwriting, too.

FEVERS at Mavericks – Ottawa Live Review
The Scene Magazine – 08/28/2013
During the last song in the set, FEVERS went into a lulling few minutes of down-toned, mainly guitar-and-vocal work before completely erupting into an outro that blew hair back, the finale to their spectacular visual show coming in the form of a powerful strobe blast that brought the whole set home.

Interview: FEVERS
Ride The Tempo – 08/28/2013
Honestly, we’re hoping to buck this trend, and see if we can be a tiny force in helping Ottawa’s scene grow – there’s such a great, supportive arts community here – and it’s just waiting to be tapped into.  

First Play: FEVERS, No Room For Light
CBC Radio 3 – 08/27/2013
The album is at once disco-laden and dreamy; celebratory and melancholic. It’s perfect music for your dance party playlist.

Critique: FEVERS
BRBR – 08/27/2013
On dénote par ailleurs une sophistication dans l’écriture pop, donnant lieux à une poignée de monolithiques chansons-velcros (la superbe Pray for Sound, dotée d’un refrain aussi immense que la tour du CN, entres autres) qui risque de faire des ravages sur les playlists Songza de ce monde.

FEVERS – No Room For Light
The Knife Fight – 08/27/2013
NRFL firmly puts FEVERS into the big league alongside artists like M83 and Stars and we look forward to seeing them do great things this year.  

Album release party makes audience Feverish
The Charlatan – 08/26/2013
FEVERS’ “24 Hour Fever” event may have begun as nothing more than a pun, but it ended a roaring success.

The Charlatan – 08/26/2013
TC: When people ask you to describe your music, what do you say? Jim: We throw up. [Laughter]

FEVERS – No room for Light
Le Droit – 08/24/2013
Lumineux, dansants, pénétrants, les morceaux s’organisent et imposent leur souffle « cinématographique » pour évoquer des paysages sonores.

Chronique musicale : FEVERS
Grands Lacs café (Radio-Canada) – 08/24/2013
AUDIO : FEVERS se feront découvrir dans les prochains mois avec un premier disque en bonne et due forme, mais déjà ils étaient très attendus dans le milieu.  

The 24-Hour Fever
Ottawa Magazine (Sound Seekers) – 08/23/2013
The pop band’s CD release gimmick is savvy, but it’s not the best thing about them. The full-length is a stunning, outta-the-park debut from the city’s top-shelf indie-electro band.

FEVERS are ready to kick off their 24 hour CD release party!
Spotlight Ottawa – 08/22/2013
FEVERS is ready to party and you can be there to celebrate with them. The long awaited follow-up to the fantastic Passion Is Dead is finally here.

Go see Ottawa’s FEVERS for their sick 24-hour album release party
Metro Ottawa – 08/21/2013
Electro indie rockers Fevers are getting set to release their debut full-length album, No Room For Light, this weekend with a fever that won’t require a trip to the doctor’s office.

FEVERS dévoilera son premier album complet No Room For Light lors de deux concerts à Ottawa
Voir – 08/21/2013
La formation FEVERS, originaire d’Ottawa, dévoilera son premier album complet No Room For Light deux fois plutôt qu’une dans sa ville d’origine.  

Listen to Ottawa band FEVERS’ debut album No Room For Light
Red Hot MUCH – 08/21/2013
Their [FEVERS’] new album, which you can stream on MUCH now, is a dazzling collection of synth-laden dance music, but grounded in a darkness that’s mysterious and oh-so alluring.  

Album Review: FEVERS burn it up on their full-length debut
The Revue – 08/21/2013
A tight mix of live instruments and electronics (not to mention hella groovy vocals), FEVERS are going to turn your iPod into a dancefloor.  

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist
Alan Cross – 08/02/2013
Five piece Ottawa band with a bit of a glam-rock thing going on.

August Music Preview: 15 Canadian albums you need to listen to this month
CBC Music – 08/01/2013
It’s a challenging thing to make a care-free dance rock album while carefully stepping through a maze of wires and cables on a studio floor. Ottawa’s FEVERS has accomplished that feat on their debut album, No Room for Light (though we’re only assuming the part about the wires).  

Festival Blog: Fevers and fun. deliver at Bluesfest
The Charlatan – 07/08/2013
This confidence was perpetuated with the unique, glam-rock sounds of “Dance Cry Dance,” a groovy track that showed why FEVERS deserved to rock Ottawa Bluesfest for a second consecutive year.  

Blogging Bluesfest 2013: FEVERS
Apt 613 – 07/05/2013
Ever since Passion Is Dead came out, FEVERS has been a bit of an indie music darling in Ottawa.  

NXNE 2013 Recap
Shaw Connect – 06/20/2013
A cursory listen will draw immediate comparisons to Stars, their neighbours down the 417. But whereas the Montreal band seems to have veered off into adult contemporary, Ottawa natives Fevers embraces new disco and displays a youthful exuberance that will have you oscillating wildly on the dance floor more than you ever did to “Elevator Love Letter”.  

NXNE 2013: Fevers @ The Hideout
The Little Red Umbrella – 06/14/2013
The tight five-piece band from Ottawa packs a whalloping punch of indie-electro-dance-pop that should turn any bar into a whirling, frenzied, sweaty dance party.

Alan Cross – 06/10/2013
Snob’s Music – 06/07/2013
Ride The Tempo – 06/06/2013  

Fevers @ Ritual [May 25, 2013]
PhotogMusic – 05/26/2013
Ottawa’s Fevers held their single release party at Ritual on May 25th. It was definitely a fun night and people were dancing.

Gig Pick: Fevers @ Ritual on May 25
Ottawa Citizen (Capital Revue) – 05/23/2013
Fevers are strong contenders in the battle for the pop-rock throne.

Spotlight Ottawa – 05/28/2013
Ottawa Showbox – 05/21/2013
PhotogMusic – 05/21/2013
Write.Click.Cook.Listen. – 05/21/2013  

FEVERS Fight For Fashion (Video)
Ottawa Citizen (Capital Revue) – 04/25/2013
FEVERS are playing in Quebec City and in Montreal this weekend. So if you happen to be around those cites, you would be wise to work these gigs into your plans.

Sh1t She Says – 04/17/2013
“I can’t wait to see more of these awesome artists as they take Canada and the world by storm with their upcoming full-length record!”

Local bands celebrating coveted Bluesfest gig
Ottawa Citizen – 03/04/2013 FEVERS will be representing the homegrown scene for the second year in a row at the RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest.

Recording news! Producer Laurence Currie comes to the capital to work with local band FEVERS
Ottawa Magazine (Sound Seekers) – 01/16/2013
“It’s sort of turning into an epic, electro indie-band type feel. The keyboards are becoming a driving force, with acoustic instruments creeping in to add a nice texture and keep a toehold in the indie world.”


FEVERS, Zoo Legacy, and more earn a spot on our Ottawa Magazine mix tape — a present just for you!
Ottawa Magazine (Sound Seekers) – 12/20/2012
In time for the gifting season, Sound Seekers adds FEVERS’ title track, Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion), to its mix celebrating the work of a handful of top-drawer capital city musicians and bands that released new music in 2012.

Ottawa Citizen (Style Magazine) – 09/22/2012
If Ottawa comes down with a fever, the prescription might just be more FEVERS. The music is, ahem, 

FOÉ 2012 / vendredi : La pluie, le feu et l’odeur
Bande à part – 08/09/2012
Tu faisais quoi il y a cinq ans? Si tu t’en rappelles pas, peut-être que c’était pas sain. FEVERS sont sains. Et mettent de bonne humeur. Une découverte.

FEVERS attrape la fièvre du Bluesfest
LeDroit – 06/30/2012
L’air de ne pas y toucher, en à peine un an – et avec seulement un album à son actif, le maxi Passion is Dead, disponible gratuitement sur Internet – le groupe FEVERS est en train de mettre Ottawa sur la mappemonde de la scène électronique.

Les suggestions musicales de Guillaume Moffet
Changer d’air – 06/29/2012
VIDÉO : Pour la Fête du Canada, Guillaume Moffet, chroniqueur musique, propose un contenu 100% canadien, dont Passion is dead (Long Live Fashion), de FEVERS.

Le meilleur d’Ottawa : ✫✫✫✫/5
Voir – 05/31/2012
FEVERS, du haut de sa pop indé saturée de synthés et de rythmes sautillants, n’a rien à envier aux Young Galaxy de ce monde, tant sa livraison nous apparaissait sans grandes failles.

FEVERS: Celebrating serendipity
Ottawa XPress – 05/17/2012
Meet FEVERS, your new favourite – and local! – electropop band, as its members blow out the very first candle on their birthday cake. Booked at various high-profile festivals (Juno Fest, Bluesfest, Tulip Fest, FeverFest) and a stream of concerts, they are currently riding a wave of delirium.

FEVERS – Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion)
Hero Hill – 05/14/2012
I’ll say this about this new video from Ottawa’s FEVERS, it certainly put some pep in my Monday afternoon step.

Track Of The Week: “Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion),” by FEVERS
AUX – 05/11/2012
FEVERS, the Ottawa-based “purveyors of independent electronic pop” perked my attention when I first heard their track “Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion)” a while back. The group have now released their debut video for the song, also launching the single edit of the track.

FEVERS “Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion)” (video)
Exclaim! – 05/11/2012
Approached to make a clip two months ago, the group launched a funding campaign that saw local businesses and music enthusiasts contributing to get the project off the ground. The results gained the band access to a studio and crew, and the result is a simple, but fun, visual introduction to FEVERS.

FEVERS catch the promo bug, make video
Ottawa Magazine (Sound Seekers) – 05/09/2012
When it came time to make a video ahead of festival application deadlines, the band, working with start-up producer Bryan McNally, chose the tune “Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion),” for its message — and for the challenge inherent in making a video about a song that questions the continued rise of spectacle over substance.

FEVERS lance son premier vidéoclip
L’Express – 05/09/2012
La pop électronique et indépendante de Sarah Bradley, Martin Charbonneau, Jim Hopkins, Colin MacDougall et Mike Stauffer gagne ainsi une occasion de se faire connaître dans une communauté musicale ottavienne en pleine effervescence.

FEVERS : Dichotomie pop
Voir – 03/29/2012
Son fort réjouissant maxi Passion Is Dead a précédé un effet boule de neige qui se poursuit toujours, des mois après sa parution.

More Music from the Inbox
Alan Cross – 03/18/2012
FEVERS has taken big spacious electronic club pop and done it right.

Ruby – 03/11/2012
VIDÉO : Ruby a rencontré trois des membres du groupe électropop ottavien FEVERS chez Vertigo, disquaire indépendant de la rue Rideau

Back of the rack
OurVinyl – 02/2012
Their sound bumps with excitement and love, and while the title of this track may claim otherwise, you can feel plenty of passion mixed in as well. 

FEVERS: Sound of Ottawa 2012
Ottawa XPress – 01/19/2012
Though FEVERS didn’t expect “any reaction at all,” according to Sarah Bradley, after they released the Passion Is Dead EP on their Bandcamp page, the quintet sure have made quite the impact locally since its release last fall. 


 #3 Album of the Year
i(heart)music – 2011
I don’t think I heard another album this year that made its presence felt so quickly: I was hooked on Passion Is Dead right from the very first song, and there wasn’t a moment when I was listening to the album where I didn’t feel like I was hearing something special.

#2 Song of the Year: FEVERS, “Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion)”
i(heart)music – 2011
I’ve never been big into dancing in public or going to clubs — shocking, I know — but if I did either of those things, I like to imagine that this would be the song that would soundtrack the perfect night out.

The best sounds of 2011: #3 Top local album 
Ottawa XPress – 12/22/2011
Surprise! FEVERS have produced a terrific slice of electro-indie-pop completely off our radar. Stars and Young Galaxy should have them as friends. Look out for them.

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good) +*swoop*
Grayowl Point – 12/22/2011
In fact, FEVERS, an Ottawa group that blends electronics and indie-rock sounds, are actually full of passion.

500KHZ – 12/19/2011
Les constructions sont superbes et présentent FEVERS comme un groupe qui a pas mal d’ambitions.

FEVERS – Passion Is Dead EP (2011)
Indiesciplina – 12/19/2011
Su EP corre como la pólvora por los blogs, y que no te extrañe estar escuchando algún tema suyo dentro de poco en tu tienda de moda habitual.

#currentlylistening: Passion is Dead, by FEVERS
The Muse in Music – 12/15/2011
Soulful, nutrient-dense vocals like these threaten to raise the stakes for the genre.

December’s best music from across the MAP
Guardian (UK) – 12/15/2011
Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion), the title track from the album, falls firmly into the former category. It’s five and a half minutes of a glorious, life-affirming, wave-your-arms-in-the-air anthem, and it sets the stage for one of the best albums of the year.

LISTEN: FEVERS “My Heart is in a Basket…”
CBC Music (Radio 3) – 12/13/2011
I have a fever and the only prescription is…uh, more FEVERS?

3.5 strums out of 5
noisography – 12/09/2011
The name ‘FEVERS’ really suits this band because after listening to this album I had a fever for some music I would normally never listen to.

Ottawa XPress – 12/01/2011
FEVERS: Ottawa’s premiere electro band? Damn right.

FEVERS heat up Café Dekcuf, Austra plays at Ritual Nightclub, and lots more best bets
Ottawa Magazine (Sound Seekers) – 12/01/2011
FEVERS’ live set-up — multiple synthesizers, a pile of pedals, samplers, and snaking patch chords a-plenty — is indicative of what the players are producing: a huge sound that is exuberant with a few ambient detours.

FEVERS – “Passion Is Dead”
Newdust – 11/18/2011
Cut from the same cloth as M83 and The Postal Service, the band does well by mixing electronic dance music with indie rock hooks

Ottawa Tonite – 11/03/2011
So when you think Ottawa – musically speaking – you don’t necessarily think haven for emerging electronic music.  But there’s a band here in town that wants to change that perception.

Symptoms may include uncontrolled shimmying
QuickBeforeItMelts – 10/28/2011
Epic, and endlessly enjoyable, the seven-song EP is just what the doctor ordered.

FEVERS prove electronic music doesn’t have to be heartless
Snob’s Music – 10/24/2011
My favorite track is “My Heart Is In a Basket On the Front of Your Bicycle”, partly for the title and partly because it proves that electronic music can still be fun.

FEVERS – Passion Is Dead [Review]
Photogmusic – 10/21/2011
Passion Is Dead is seven tracks of good ol’ indie synth pop and electro dance rock tunes. I’d give Passion is Dead 8.8/10.

Latitude 45 – 2011
There are truly a cluster f*ck of reasons I like this record.

This week’s feature: FEVERS
i(heart)music – 2011
Normally, I’d try and balance my enthusiasm with some kind of words of criticism, however small. In Passion Is Dead’s case, though, I don’t think that’s possible.

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